BRAFA 2020

26 January - 2 February 2020

Throughout the history of art, colour has always occupied a prominent place. 

In keeping with this convention, twentieth-century architects and designers consecrated colour as a fundamental element of human well-being in everyday life, one that goes beyond a merely decorative role. 

Some, like Le Corbusier and even the Bauhaus, went so far as to theorize their approach. ‘Colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence’, claimed Le Corbusier.

Questions of contrast, balance and harmony are essential components of creation. To meet these requirements, Le Corbusier even created a colour palette which he explained in his book Architectural Polychromy, dating from 1931. ‘Colour in architecture – a means as powerful as the ground plan and section. Or better: polychromy, a component of the ground plan and the section itself.’

It is on this basis that our selection for BRAFA 2020 rests, with white and green as our main colours. White as a foundation that captures light like no other colour, but which requires a certain contrast to stand out. Green as an element of life that adds rhythm to the space. The whole is enhanced by wood, a material that is very dear to our designers.

Historical designers that the gallery has loved since its inception will be represented. From George Nakashima to Jean Prouvé via Gio Ponti and Alvar Aalto.