Gino Sarfatti Italy, 1912-1985


Born in Venice Gino Sarfatti graduated from Genova University with a degree in naval air engineering. He then works for a Murano glass company. 


From 1939, he narrowed his focus to lighting design and founded his own company, Arteluce, in collaboration with a group of architects. He quicly became internationally recognized as a pioneering figure in the modern design movement, specialized in lighting. 


Gino Sarfatti realized more than 400 lamps during his career, constantly exploring innovative solutions regarding shape and technology. He would first create the structure for the bulbs before imagining the rest of the form. 


Gino Sarfatti and Arteluce won many awards such as the Compasso d'Oro in 1954 and 1955, and the Emeritus diploma at the Milano Triennale. 

From 1954, his work took a decidedly minimalist approach with the "1063" floor light, preceding minimalist artists.


Gino Sarfatti was truly one of the greatest lighting designers of the XXth century.