Carlo Hauner Brazil, 1927-1997


Carlo Hauner was born in 1927 in Italy in a family of artists and designers and worked as a designer for the Milan Triennale.


In 1948 the Hauner's family moved to Brazil. They were part of the numerous European artists and intellectuals who arrived in Brazil after the Second World War. Carlo met Sergio Rodrigues in Curitiba. They worked closely with other European architects who came to Brazil such as Lina Bo Bardi, Martin Eisler and Gregory Warchawchik. The Hauner's were strongly influenced by the European modernism and rationalism.


In the early '50s, Ernesto and Carlo created the company Artesanal, later Forma, which reproduced the icons of the Bauhaus, under Knoll's International license. Forma became a large, modern, furniture producer and took the name of Mobilinea. Mobilinea expanded under the direction of Ernesto and Georgia Hauner, offering innovative residential and office furniture products. 

Together with Martin Eisler, Carlo designed some truly stunning seating pieces. Georgia Hauner worked as an editor and art director for Editora Abril creating the first truly "modern" decoration magazine in Brazil.


Carlo moved back to Italy in 1960. 


He died in 1997.