Sergio Rodrigues Brazil, 1927-2014


Sergio Rodrigues was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1927 in a family of artists and intellectuals. He graduated from the Facultade Nacional de Arquitetura in 1952. In 1954 he created the first modern art and furniture store in Curitiba. 


In 1955 he founded the Oca company. Oca is the local name for a type of cabin used by Native Brazilians. The company name and its objectives illustrate Rodrigues commitment to the expression of Brazilian identity in his furniture pieces. 


Rodrigues quickly became an important player in modern furniture design in Brazil. The "Mole" and "Sheriff" chairs won design awards in Italian "Triennale" fairs in 1957 and 1958. 


He actively participated in the construction of Brasilia, working with Niemeyer and creating furniture for many of his buildings. 


In the 1950's, Rodrigues collaborated with a group of Italian designers, Carlo and Hauner, who produced some of his designs in their Italian factory near Brescia. 


Rodrigues combined exceptional traditional woodworking capabilities with contemporary and original design and scale. His unique style made him the ambassador of Brazilian culture and the icon of Brazilian modernism. 


Sergio Rodrigues died in 2014.