Ado Chale Belgium, b. 1928


Metalworker by training, Belgian designer Ado Chale discovered mineralogy during a journey in Germany in the 1950’s. He cultivated his passion alongside his wife, Huguette Schaal, who became a gemologist herself. Together they traveled the world in search of semi-precious stones and rare materials to create decorative items as well as exceptional and unique pieces of furniture. 

More than a designer, Ado Chale can also be designate as a skilled craftsman and alchemist, always researching and experimenting combinations of chemicals that would allow him to give shape to his ideas.


From Brussels to Montréal, from Paris to Tokyo, Ado Chale was invited to exhibit his works internationally and became an emblematic figure of the world of art and design. Chale's creations notoriously attracts a sophisticated clientele and is much appreciated by members of the aristocracy in Belgium and all over the world as well as by representatives of the Haute Couture such as Dior, Hermès, Chanel or Louis Vuitton.