Spazio e Luce : Seaside Gallery

30 October 2021 - 9 January 2022

Space and light. This exhibition has been imagined as a conversation between historical design objects—furniture, light fixtures, etc.—and works from one of the major figures of Italian contemporary photography. 


Born in 1941 in Cesena, Guido Guidi discovered the camera at the age of fifteen. He studied at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura, Venice (IUAV) and then at the Corso Superiore di Disegno Industriale (Advanced Course of Industrial Design). From 1968 onwards, he devoted himself exclusively to photography. He discovered the work of Paul Strand, Eugène Atget, Edward Weston, Walker Evans… Driven by an indefatigable visual curiosity, his work draws inspiration from Italian Renaissance painting, contemporary architecture and the cinema, and revisits key genres like landscape, portrait and still life.


If Guido Guidi’s photographs mostly bear witness to his penchant for the contemporary landscape and vernacular architecture, he has nevertheless carried out numerous projects around the work of important architects like Carlo Scarpa (1996-2007), Mies van der Rohe (2000) and Le Corbusier (2003). In these images, the light acts as a temporal filter that reveals the space. In order to highlight this dialogue between design and photography, the exhibition also presents a series of photographs that have never been seen before. In 1961-1962, while a student at the IUAV, Guido Guidi conceived and designed a project for a library. A prototype was produced at the time. The object with modular and repetitive forms was photographed several times in 2004, with a slight displacement of the camera or the object each time. Once again, the artist lets light and shadow work together to reveal a variation of volumes and surfaces 


Jean-Paul Deridder

September 2021